Acting related.

CIMRMAN ENGLISH THEATRE The theatre company I have been performing with regularly since 2014. We perform English translations of hugely popular Czech comedies, known and loved by countless Czechs

PRAGUE SHAKESPEARE COMPANY - I have performed with PSC since 2012, most recently in the title role of KING LEAR.

SOUNDSQUARE and BEEP- State of the art sound studios I use in Prague - when I'm not recording from home.

IMDb - THE INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE - check out my entry in this colossal database

NU COUNTRY TV - When the Nu Country FM radio station (where I did regular on air shifts), burnt down in 2000, things were quiet for a while, but we came back. Unfortunately the ABA decision in January 2002 finished what the fire couldn't. No permanent licence. However, you can't keep a good idea down. After I started volunteering as Presentation Co-Ordinator at Melbourne's community TV station, I had the idea of putting the radio show on TV.
Go to this site for all the info on the TV show I produced for 2 years for C31 (Community TV) -

BORGIA- the Wikipedia entry for the series I worked on in 2011-13

BOLINDA AUDIO BOOKS- 70+ titles narrated by yours truly.
There are sound bites available on this site.
My daughter Kate also narrates for Bolinda.

LOUIS BRAILLE AUDIO- I read almost 90 titles for LBA over a period of about 25 years. In that time Louis Braille became Vision Australia, with a strong audio book production unit. But sadly, bad investments and the global financial crisis put an end to that.

AUDIOFILE - THE AUDIOBOOK MAGAZINE - contains occasional reviews of my Bolinda Audio Books, and awards the 'Earphones'

CHANNEL 31 - Melbourne's community television station where I have learned the ropes of Program Co-ordination. And where Nu Country TV airs.

NEIGHBOURS - Details of my 1993 episodes and where this soapy is showing worldwide.


Something I put together with my new video camera, around 2003

PRISONER (aka 'Cell Block H' in the US) - Don't these people have a life?
Complete cross reference of everyone who was ever in the show (including yours truly), who they played and what they did. Update 2020: Sorry to say this site has not been updated since 2001 and lots of links are dead

Unrelated to acting. More personal

DASH HOSKING makes his literary debut with this gut-wrenching pictorial novella

TERRAFOLK- The group my daughter Kate performed with whilst living in Slovenia

VARDOS- The Gypsy Music trio my daughter played in before her time in Slovenia.

HEALTHY PEOPLE and FITREC - My son Dennis' businesses.

Mum's TV Moment

It's self explanatory