Titles Narrated for Braille and Talking Book Library/ Vision Australia

Tent Boxing - Wayne McLennan
Red Centre, Dark Heart - Evan McHugh
Silver in the Sun - Tony Parsons
Appeal Denied - Peter Corris
Another Day, Another Town. Slim Dusty - Slim Dusty & Joy McKean
Wired - Damian Marrett
Chain of Evidence - Gary Disher
Crook as Rookwood - Chris Nyst
Last Horse Standing - Michael Keenan
The Australian Constitution
Saving Billie - Peter Corris
White Lies - Damian Marrett
Under Cover - Damian Marrett
Snapshot - Gary Disher
Under the Mulga, A Bush Memoir - Jim Gasteen
Forged by War: Australians in Combat and Back Home - Gina Lennox
Rough with the Smooth: Stories of Australian Men - Ed. B Coffey
Finding My Voice - Peter Brocklehurst
Blindside - J.R. Carroll

Real Dads - Angus Holland
Two for the Road - Shirley Hardy-Rix and Brian Rix
Wildlife - John Dale
Shock Wave - Peter Haran
A Bastard of a Place - Peter Brune
King of the Wilderness, The Life of Deny King - Christobel Mattingly
On Murder 2, True Crime Writing in Australia - Kerry Greenwood
Rex - My Life - Rex Hunt
Catalina Dreaming - Andrew McMillan
KittyHawk Down - Gary Disher
Sweet and Sour. A Diabetic Life - Peter Corris
The Devil's Jump - Peter Doyle
In Search of a Wild Brumby - Michael Keenan
Endpeace - Jon Cleary
A Necessary Evil - Bruce Venables
Brother to the Dingo - M. Mitchell
The Pale Blue Crochet Coathanger Cover - D. Foster
A Son of the Red Centre - K. Johannson

The Cliff Edge - J. Penman
Bow Tie and Tails - Geoff Goodfellow
We Were the Rats - L. Glossop
Alice to Nowhere - Evan Green
Pioneering Days - G. Walsh
Yami - Yami Lester
Blood and Iron - L. McAuley
One-Day Magic - Dean Jones
The Hard Way - Frank Hardy
Power Without Glory - Frank Hardy
Bet Your Life - Evan Green
The Life of Riley - Jack Hibberd
Selected Stories of Henry Lawson - Henry Lawson
Man of Two Tribes - Arthur Upfield
Death of a Lake - Arthur Upfield
The Dragon Man - Gary Disher
Set Up - Peter Corris

Aftershock - Peter Corris
Wimmera Gold - Peter Corris
Barrett - Ray Barrett
Home Before Dark - Ruth Park & Rafe Champion
Penguin Book of Australian Jokes - Philip Adams & Patrice Newell (coll.)
Burn & Other Stories - Peter Corris
Matrimonial Causes - Peter Corris
Casino - Peter Corris
Cross Off - Peter Corris
Forget Me If You Can - Peter Corris
The Black Prince - Peter Corris
Beverley Hills Browning - Peter Corris
Box Office Browning - Peter Corris
Browning Takes Off - Peter Corris
Browning Without a Cause - Peter Corris
The Black Prince - Peter Corris

We Were There - J. Barett
Fox - B. Pascoe
Frill Necked Frenzy - K Cook
The Horses Too Are Gone - Michael Keenan
Wild Horses Can't Swim - Michael Keenan
The Clan - J. R. Carroll
Shadows Among the Leaves - B. Scott
Beyond the Last Posts - T. Edwards
Frank Boulderbuster - D. Macleod
A Riverman's Story - E. M. Kelsall
In The Smoke - E. M. Kelsall
Born to win - John Bertram
Young and Brave - M. T. Clark
Firestorm! - R. V. Carr
Illywhacker - Peter Carey
Billy Two Toes' Rainbow - H. Atkinson
The Man Who Stayed Below - A. Gould
Australian Voices - (Ed) E. Kingston
A Fortunate Life - A. B. Facey


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