A Highly Successful First Foray into
Producing, Directing, Filming and Editing

In early 2003, after working for some time as a volunteer at Melbourne's community TV station Channel 31, I decided to have a go at producing a tv show. I chose the idea of a Country music show based on the availablity of many expert and committed contacts from my days at the radio station Nu Country FM

Over a period of about five months I went to local venues and filmed performers while others sourced clips from independent artists and record companies.

Using my home computer, I put together six and a half hours of television (13 half hour episodes) which went to air on the 4th October 2003, ran till the end of the year, and was repeated in the new year. By the end of the repeat season (now with the help of an editor) I had produced a further 13 episodes which were also shown and repeated.

Now, in October 2005, series 3 and 4 are finished, making a total of 26 hours of TV (52 episodes), the show is being shown four times a week and has been running for two years straight. I am in the process of handing the production of the show over to others to leave myself free for other things.

NOVEMBER 2017. Twelve years after writing the above, the show is still running thanks to the commitment of Dave Dawson and many others.

The link below will take you to the Nu Country TV site which is maintained by a third party.