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July 2000


When the characters in a murder mystery find that their writer has gone off and left them in Chapter Five, they have no alternative, they have to solve the case themselves. But the detective's sex change in Chapter Three makes things even more complicated. And what of the Detective constable's theory about poets' names? With Stig Wemyss, Peter Hosking, Kirk Alexander, Tammy McCarthy, Nina Landis, Joe Spano, Paul Blackwell and Mandy McElhinney Producer/director Anne McInerney Sound engineers Garry Havrillay & Ryan Egan

June 2001

NOT CRICKET: by crime writer Peter Corris and scriptwriter Bill Garner (5 parts)

Broadcast: 3pm Sunday June 3 - July 1 2001
Ray 'Creepy' Crawley, veteran operator with the Australian Federal Security Agency, is sent to Cochin in the State of Kerala, a south Indian city populated by unemployed Ph.Ds, Hindu fanatics, aging hippies, drug dealers and spies. Cochin is also a major base for the Indian Navy, and Dave Halpin, one of Crawley's old workmates, has been keeping an eye on things, Now, however, it seems Halpin has got into a spot of bother. It might be the drug dealing he's been dabbling in, the intelligence work or local politics. But whatever it is, it's 'not cricket'. Cast: Mike Bishop, Peter Hosking, Peter Stratford, Jane Nolan, Michael Carman, Michelle Offen, Roger Oakley, Raj Moodley, Richard Aspel, Paula Gardner and Kirk Alexander. Sound Engineer: Garry Havrillay Produced and directed by Anne McInerney

January 2002

UNDERWORLD: By Lian Tanner

Broadcast: Sunday 27 January 2002 3:05PM
Underworld is a new radio play that really does have you reading between the lines! A young woman, Claire, is bemoaning the lack of love and romance in her life. An old woman, Marj, is suffering the loss of it following the death of her husband. When the two women meet, in the most unusual of circumstances, the result is a clever and humorous story in which the ancient Greek myth of Persephone in the Underworld collides with Mills and Boon-style romance fiction of the most syrupy variety. Lian Tanner is a Tasmanian writer. She developed the script of Underworld with guidance from respected playwright Alma de Groen as part of the Australian Writers' Guild/ABC Radio Drama mentorship scheme. Claire: Daniela Farinacci Marj: Joy Mitchell Graham: Ben Grant Susie: Fiona Todd Jean: Joy Westmore Reg: Peter Hosking Sound Engineer: Garry Havrillay Producer: Justine Lees

August 2002

GREAT OCEAN ROAD by Ross Mueller

Broadcast: Sunday 4 August 2002 3:05PM
"A little landmark in the memory of forever, two shadows of light on a page, because if you go down that road, if you go down that great ocean road, if you go down there... everybody, all of us have to pass through the archway and beneath that sign. There's no other way to go." A long-lost daughter comes back to meet the father she always loved. They journey along the Great Ocean Road and re-visit the place that has long lived in both their hearts. But their expectations of the meeting are not the same and it leads to tragedy. Featuring Peter Hosking and Peta Brady. Produced and directed by Anne McInerney Sound Engineer: Nic Mierisch

December 2003


Summer of the Seventeenth Doll was the first Australian play to be acclaimed overseas - specifically in London's West End in 1957, where it received the Evening Standard's Play of the Year award. For this year's 50th Anniversary of the Melbourne Theatre Company the author of the Doll, Ray Lawler, presented the prestigious award statuette to the Performing Arts Collection in the company of June Jago (who played Olive in that original production) and the play's director, John Sumner. The Doll is a drama about two canecutters, Roo and Barney, who travel south from Queensland to Melbourne every summer to spend their lay-off time with their women, Olive and Nancy. But the play takes place in the 17th year, among the kewpie dolls Roo buys each year. For Olive the world of the ageing romantic couples comes to an end. In this interview Julie Copeland talks to members of the London production: June Jago who played Olive, director John Sumner and the playwright, Ray Lawler. Readings from the Doll are by Peter Hosking and Genevieve Picot. Guests on this program: June Jago Actor John Sumner Director Ray Lawler Playwright

February 2004


Broadcast: Sunday 1 February 2004 3:05PM
Bantam is a novel for young adults written by Terry Whitebeach and her son, Mick. It was written on the phone, between two country towns, three thousand kilometres apart and based on the lives of the young men and women who find it hard to get jobs and whom policies such as mandatory sentencing so severely affect. This Airplay gives an insight into the writing of the book and the effect that the process had on the relationship between mother and son. The cast features Peter Hosking, Diana Greentree, Simon Wilton, Nathan Godkin, Peta Brady. Sound Engineer: Paul Penton Producer/Director: Anne McInerney

August 2007


Broadcast: Sunday 26 August 2007 8:30AM
A young woman is driven to desperate measures to retain the rights to a small piece of land in one of Thomas Hardy's famous Wessex tales. Reader: Peter Hosking Credits Presenter Jane Ulman Producer Anne McInerney

August 2007

EXECUTION: by Nick Stevens

Saturday 18 October 2003
At the end of World War II, Irma Grese, known as the Beautiful Beast of Belsen, was executed, along with other concentration camp officers. This play focuses on the days leading up to her death, when she is imprisoned with her memories -of her childhood, her relationships and her attempt to succeed in a career. We are also given an insight into the feelings of the hangman, determined to do his job with efficiency and sympathy. This play, written specially for radio, is based on the memoirs of the British executioner, Albert Pierrepoint. Cast: Tracy Mann, Tim Hughes, Nicholas Bell, Mike Bishop, Frank Gallacher, Abbe Holmes, Peter Hosking, Bruce Kerr and Stig Wemyss. Sound Engineer: Nic Mierisch Producer/Director: Anne McInerney

October 2007

GOOD: by Patricia Cornelius

Broadcast: Sunday 28 October 2007 3:05PM
Dougie Lucas was once a football star who made the crowd roar, the fans sing and the commentators reach for superlatives. He was not just good, he was better than good. But once his career on the field was over, what was to happen to him? On one night, 20 years after his playing days have finished, Doug is still desperately seeking the satisfaction he once had. Does his ex-wife still care for him? Does he know how to talk to his son, now trying to follow in his footsteps? Does his fame still attract the women like it once did? Is he good at anything else? Doug has to face the possibility that his obsession with his own talents has driven others away from him. Written by Patricia Cornelius Cast Doug: Greg Stone Elaine: Nell Feeney Alex: Mark Winter Sylvie: Peta Brady Commentator: Peter Hosking Sound Engineer Garry Havrillay Produced and directed by Anne McInerney

February 2008

THE SPOOK: by Melissa Reeves (4 parts)

Broadcast: Sunday 24 February 2008 3:05PM
In this final, dramatic episode, the seriousness of the politics of fear becomes tellingly clear. When George is arrested as an illegal immigrant, Martin tries desperately to contact Alex at ASIO headquarters. The significance of the information he has been collecting and the dangers of his own situation begin to dawn on him. Martin: Tom Long Trixie: Kerry Walker Annette: Katherine Tonkin Alex: Peter Hosking Frank: Humphrey Bower Phyllis: Melanie Beddie Jean: Fiona McCleod George: Tony Nikolakopoulos Maria: Melanie Beddie Elli: Maria Theodorakis Others in the cast: Luke Elliot, Tammy McCarthy and Syd Brisbane. Written by:Melissa Reeves Sound Producer:Paul Penton Produced and directed by:Anne McInerney

December 2010

THE WAYWARD TOURIST: Mark Twain's adventures in Australia

Series dates: Monday 29 November 2010 - Friday 3 December 2010
Book Title: The wayward tourist: Mark Twain's adventures in Australia Publisher: Melbourne University Publishing
Mark Twain, one of the world's most acclaimed writers, was at the height of his fame in the last decade of the nineteenth century, but had fallen on hard times financially. In 1895 he embarked on a lecture tour of five continents which was to bring him to Australia. He observes the geography, the society, the culture and the politics with a curious and mostly benign eye which gives a fascinating insight into Australia at that time, as well as into the mind of Mark Twain. Supporting Information (6 eps) Mark Twain (1835-1910) remains one of America's most loved authors and humorists, with his keen wit and incisive satire. During his life he was in much demand as a public speaker.
Reader: Peter Hosking

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