Dunny (colloquial), a lavatory

Fair crack of the whip (colloquial), be reasonable

Grey's is great, advertising slogan of Grey's Tobacco

Peter Lalor, Early hero of Australian resistance, pivotal figure in the Eureka Stockade

turd, dropping

Onkaparinga, well known brand name of pure wool blanket

Leongatha Base, a hospital at Leongatha in south-eastern Victoria

Venus Bay, on the coast of South Australia

crawl, be obsequious

Malvern Star, a popular Australian brand of bicycle

Australian Crawl, a fast swimming stroke developed early this century from a method used by South Sea islanders

Chook, the domestic fowl

Echuca, a town on the River Murray, in Victoria

Kerosene tin, a standardised four-gallon tin in which kerosene (paraffin) was marketed; for long in common use in rural Australia in the construction of primitive huts.

Savile Row, here referring colloquially to a tailored suit; from London's famous street of high class tailors

Yabbie, a small freshwater crayfish

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