A Stretch of the Imagination

The Stables, Centre for the Performing Arts


Jack Hibberd's 1971 Australian theatre classic has found a new Monk O'Neill in actor Peter Hosking, or it may be that Hosking has found himself in Monk O'Neill.

Hosking's very physical performance of this superb monodrama is so accomplished it is hard to seperate his sweating, leering disposition from Monk's lascivious, boastful ways.

We are not sure whether, living alone late in life, Monk has shunned society or society has shunned him.

As an example of theAustralian condition, he is not an attractive figure but Hibberd's observations are sharp and relevant today.

The production, with music by Joe Dolce, is well served by director Greg Carroll and Peter Corrigan's design.

The intimate space of the Stables suits and is air-conditioned. Don't be deterred when the temperature rises.


Review by LOUISE NUNN, 28th February 1998